PopOff! #70: Follow The Leader, A Numbers Game

On round 10 of Follow The Leader, the attempt is made to go in sequential order using song titles with numbers 1-10 in them. Do we make our destination in 3 hours? Tune in to find out.

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1. The Romantics – One In A Million
2. Two Of Us – Million Dollar Girl
3. The Beatles – Girl
4. Hot Chocolate – Girl Crazy
5. The Puppini Sisters – Crazy In Love
6. The Doors – Love Me Two Times
7. Elizabeth Cook – Times Are Tough In Rock ‘n’ Roll
8. Steve Winwood – Roll With It
9. Kelsey Waldon – It Takes Three Words
10. Norm West – Words Won’t Say (How Much You Mean To Me)
11. Ivie Anderson – Me And You
12. Yoko Takahashi – You Are The One!
13. Shona Laing – You Are The One
14. Mike + The Mechanics – You Are The One
15. The Cat Empire – One Four Five
16. The Stranglers – 5 Minutes
17. John Mellencamp – Minutes To Memroies
18. Vaughn Monroe and his Orchestra – Memories Of You
19. a-ha – You Are The One
20. The Promise – You Are The One
21. Asleep At The Wheel – One Six Pack To Go
22. Roy Orbison & Friends – Go, Go, Go (Down The Line)
23. Lee Aaron – Line Of Fire
24. Joe Simon – Fire Burning
25. Real Life – Burning Blue
26. Pinky Pinkerston – Blue Moon Of Kentucky
27. The Steel Blossoms – Kentucky’s Never Been This Far From Tennessee
28. Otis Redding – Tennessee Waltz
29. Yanni – Waltz In 7/8
30. Southern Culture On The Skids – 8 Piece Box
31. The Greateful Dead – Box Of Rain
32. Karl Jenkins – Rain Dance
33. Red Bamboo – Dance Of Love (7”)
34. The Clovers – Love Potion No. 9
35. Snooks Eaglin – Nine Pound Steel
36. Scott Southworth – Steel Guitars & Broken Hearts
37. Hal Ketchum – Hearts Are Gonna Roll
38. Little Feat – Roll Um Easy
39. Artie Shaw & His Orchestra – Easy To Say
40. Reel Big Fish – Say ‘10’
41. Motley Crue – Ten Seconds To Love
42. Haircut 100 – Love Plus One
43. Medicine Head – One And One Is One
44. Hall & Oates – One On One
45. Jo Boxers – One In A Million
46. Kiss – Million To One

Kiss – Million To One
Yanni – Waltz In 7/8
Roy Orbison & Friends – Go, Go, Go (Down The Line)

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