Soundwaves TV #83 – Music and Lyrics

If it ain’t on the page, it ain’t on the stage! This episode is all about classic songwriting and features an exclusive interview with Grammy winner (and current Oscar nominee) Diane Warren, who talks about her legendary career and award season highs and lows.

Also, Morris Knight talks about his new Morrissey cover and favorite songwriters. Featuring music videos from The Black Stone Funk Revival, Lola Kristine, Royal Rebels, and killer covers from Caitlin Jemma and The Interrupters. Hosted by Chasta, Dennis Willis, Steven Kirk, and an appearance from Steve Wagner (“All You Need is Myth: The Beatles and Gods of Rock”).

Soundwaves TV is a weekly dive into the Bay Area’s rich music scene, with music videos, live performances, guest musicians, DJs, and influencers from all four corners of the Bay.

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