PopOff! 2024 Greeting Card

Hello Poppies and Bear Clubs please enjoy your 2024 greeting card to get your year started on the good foot.

Bear’s Annual Semi-Druken-Holiday-Speech-Pep Rally & Music Mix: Apologies For Length

To my Soundwaves family, to cast and crew past and present. at the closing of 2023… Hipa hipa (Hawaiian cheers)!

What an amazing year of new found glory! Watching this little sprout grow into a California Redwood is just such a great view to have. So to twenty-four for even more rock ‘n’ roll. Piece by piece we build our little local castle (or as I call it Cypress Hill).

Maybe, most importantly I raise a glass to all the musicians who give us such great music to champion and feature (most importantly to dance to) from Ella Harp to The Hot Takes, Laura Benitez & The Heartache, State Line Empire, Planet Booty, Thought Beings, Hyperdrive Kittens, The Trimms, and The Same Chase and the Untraditional… You all give the Bay Area a flavor that cannot be duplicated in New York or Seattle or Minneapolis or New Orleans. It is BAY AREA.

And very personal and special shutout to the underrated and overlooked musical communities of local buskers and cover bands. The buskers with your banjo paint can combos or just a bass and a backing track bringing local flavor to to the little corners of the bay I stumble on in my day.

And the wedding/party & cover bands keeping alive the great rock ‘n’ roll song book. Our icons LIVE ON for future generations thanks to working class musicians like; The Gene Genies, Fleetwood Macrame, Petty theft and so many others. This great music travels on in the time tunnel when the originators cannot all because you make it present and alive with real musicians.

Jaco Pastorious said, “Music is the only thing keeping the planet together.” This is true. But love is the only thing keeping the people together. And we love each other despite the differences and flaws. We love each other because the minutiae does not trump the larger communal bond of family.

So here’s to adapting and adjusting to the changes in our lives with those in our lives. As my Irish people say, “It will be alright in the end. If it is not alright it is not the end”. But I say it’s alright all the time if you look for it. And no greater inspiration for this comes for me personally than from our own Captain Steven Kirk whose masterful joy of living is a playbook by which I aspire to master.

So please go fourth into 2024 with more four on the floor as you step out the door dancing not dancing to all the drums and saxophones. Life is fabulous and so are you. Lastly I dedicate this playlist to us and to our 2024 starting with a personal favorite from my Bay Area favorites The Hot Takes followed Captain Steven Kirk special because it is true, you get what you give. And we give it all to the power music. Rock on Bay Area family!

Peace, Love, Happiness, Music, Dancing,

PopOff! is an “anything goes” musical show hosted by me DJ Bear. Every episode is a unique sonic road trip through the multitudes of genres, eras, and musicians in recorded music. So if you have an open mind for musical exploration climb into the PopOff! Bubble and let’s get to it!!

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1. The Hot Takes – Up All Night
2. The New Radicals – You Get What You Give
3. James Brown – Get On The Good Foot
4. Sade – By Your Side
5. Swing Out Sister – Break Out (Bear’s Breakout The Horns Mix)
6. Katy Perry – Roar (Remix)
7. Sinéad O’Connor – 4th and Vine
8. T.Rex – Ride A White Swan
9. Jo Dee Messina – I’m Alright
10. Melbourne Ska Orchestra – The Best Things In Life Are Free

Mavis Staples & Ben Harper – We Get By

The Hot Takes – Up All Night
Sinéad O’Connor – 4th and Vine

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