Kim Wilde has a Close Encounter, releases “Aliens”

With a well known penchant for wine tasting, Wilde wandered into her private garden with a glass of wine and two trustworthy companions, unknowingly embarking on an existential journey that would change their lives. Awestruck while witnessing a brilliant orb in the sky hovering and darting about swiftly yet silently, the trio assumed they would be disbelieved due to the involvement of alcohol, until multiple local newspapers cited sources with eerily similar eyewitness accounts.

Thus was born the Wilde welcome wagon in the form of a new album, entitled Here Come The Aliens, projecting the positivity Wilde wishes for humanity’s first contact. While Wilde laughed off the accusations of drunken hallucinations, she couldn’t help but feel personally vindicated when several other (sober) sources confirmed witnessing the same event, and she hopes that any encounters with extraterrestrials will be a learning opportunity for our species. The track titled “1969” boasts the album name in its chorus, reaffirming the positive projections with lyrics such as “Maybe they’ll save us from the apocalypse when it comes. A revelation that will really blow our minds!”

While also warning in the next verse of the same song “And now there’s no avoiding, our planet we’re destroying, A stupid human race. They’re gonna all come down, take over the world, throw us out into intergalactic space. It’s too late!” With a tour starting in Ipswich on March 30th, Wilde is enjoying her steps back into starlight, telling the BBC “We’re going to go a bit sci-fi and we’re going to a bit glam rock. It’ll be sexy and fun and something to put a big smile on people’s faces. I’m really excited about it.”

Wilde had stepped out of fame and into family life for the last few years, honing the craft she loved before and after the stage; her garden. This tour and album are an expression of interest and hope for our interstellar future, with musical messages reaching Wilde even in her garden, with Wilde stating “I want to surprise myself. Why not? I’m going to be 60 soon and before you know it, I’ll be dancing off this beautiful earth. I may as well go out all guns blazing.”

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