PopOff! Women’s History Month: #22 – 1990

Hello poppies please enjoy my 31 days of women’s history month streams. Each stream celebrates a random year in popular music and will feature only female acts/acts with female members. And often the stream will center around an iconic album released by a female artist that year. And all bonus beats will be from debut albums by artists that went onto to greater success.

PopOff! is an “anything goes” musical show hosted by me DJ Bear. Every episode is a unique sonic road trip through the multitudes of genres, eras, and musicians in recorded music. So if you have an open mind for musical exploration climb into the PopOff! Bubble and let’s get to it!!

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1. Deee-lite – Groove Is In The Heart
2. Chimes – Heaven
3. Sbap! – Ooops Upside Your Head
4. Hilda Mariee – Diamond Eyes
5. Regina – Track You Down
6. A’me Lorain – Whole Wild World
7. Candy Dulfer – There Goes The Neighborhood
8. 辛島美登里–イエスタデイ
9. Wilson Phillips – Impulsive
10. Bangles – Everything I Wanted
11. Sinéad O’Connor – Jump In The River
12. The Creatures – Fury Eyes
13. Enigma – Mea Culpa
14. Deee-lite – What Is Love?
15. Queen Latifah & De La Soul – Mama Gave Birth To The Soul Children
16. En Vogue – Hold On
17. Jane Child – I Don’t Want To Fall In Love
18. Tyler Collins – Girl’s Nite Out
19. Madonna – Hanky Panky
20. Basia – Best Friends
21. Cathy Denis – C’mon Get My Love
22. Black Box – Everybody Everybody
23. Lonnie Gordon – Happenin’ All Over Again
24. Kylie Minogue – Better The Devil You Know (Extended)
25. Taylor Dayne – I’ll Be Your Shelter
26. Joan Jett – Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
27. Vixen – Rev It Up
28. Heart – I Didn’t Want To Need You
29. Sinead O’Connor – Emperor’s New Clothes
30. Heartthrobs – Too Many Shadows
31. Katydids – Heavy Weather Traffic
32. The Sundays – Here’s Where The Story Ends
33. Fuzzbox – Trouble
34. The Primitives – You’re So Square (Baby I Don’t Care)
35. Cath Carroll & Steve Albini – King Creole
36. The Cramps – Bikini Girls With Machine Guns
37. Debbie Harry & Iggy Pop – Well Did You Evah
38. Sinéad O’Connor – Emperor’s New Clothes
39. Cocteau Twins – Cherry Coloured Funk
40. Neneh Cherry – I’ve Got You Under My Skin
41. Deee-lite – Try Me On… I’m Very You
42. Grace Jones – Love On Top Of Love (Killer Kiss)
43. Sinéad O’Connor – I Do Not Want Something I Haven’t Got

Mariah Carey – Vanishing

Cibo Matto – Sci-fi Wasabi
Roxette – Wish I Could Fly
Luscious Jackson – Ladyfinger

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