The Finch Files: KFOG DJ Goodbyes

Peter Finch has been a Bay Area radio staple for more than three decades at KMEL, KFOG and KGO radio in San Francisco. In 2014, he was inducted into the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame. He hangs out with rock stars and kooky, interesting people. Follow him on Twitter HERE and at his website HERE.

Bay Area radio has been dealt a few recent blows with the gutting of KFOG and the KGO News division. And for most listeners, it’s not just the loss of their favorite voices, but the sudden loss. Radio personalities are generally not afforded the opportunity to say goodbye … and thanks … and that was certainly the case on March 31st when the beloved heartbeat of KFOG radio was suddenly … gone.

Former KFOG personality Peter Finch presents a very special edition of The Finch Files in which Dred Scott, Renne Richardson, Annalisa and (yay) Dave Morey reminisce, laugh, cry and thank Fogheads for making KFOG a unique Bay Area music destination for almost 35 years!

Peter’s description:
You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll pause it because the episode is rather long but you will return to it later because you want to hear the whole thing.

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  1. Hey Peter I loved the podcast. I really loved all the KFOG personalities. I really felt though that KFOG through no fault of the DJS had become musically more tightly formatted recently. I listened less and really had that bad sense that Cumulus would pull the plug. Bless and hope you turn up on radio again.

  2. KOZT from ft Bragg is pretty good. TomYates and Kate Hayes from the old KKCY are on KOZT

  3. Boy, Dave Benson predicted it 2016… “I’ll predict right now that, whatever they (Cumulus) are gonna do… and I have a sense of what they’re gonna try to do… it will fail, and within a year, I think it could be the KNBR FM.”

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